Dear teachers!

Have you ever considered a teacher’s true worth?

Have you ever considered what you have prepared for your student’s future?

And have you ever questioned what the teacher does to help students develop morality, dreams, and ambitions?

As a result of such thoughts, I’d want to say a few words to those of you who are riding the boats that carry the young generation to the future, to the dream of building a happy school.

We all desire a happy school where every teacher comes to class with the enthusiasm of educating students’ character, where every student comes to class to love, not to be pampered, to be inspired with compassion, and not to be crammed with knowledge.

All teachers connect as companions, a whole team who dares to live honestly to the end, serve, help, and share unconditionally.

We all dream of a happy school where the combination of the finest of Western Science and Eastern culture is fully utilized. We base on the three-root philosophy of Morality – Wisdom – Willpower as the core foundation, deeply permeated in all lessons, outdoor activities, meals, and life actions.

Pathway School is where every lesson is an hour of play, and every situation comes out as a good lesson. Besides, students are trained to become warriors, crossing forests and climbing up waterfalls full of energy.

In this school, Morality is always nurtured, Wisdom is always cultivated, and Willpower is always trained. In addition, the student’s personality is nurtured and grows up day by day beneath the sky full of light of profound insight. As a result, the younger generations become lifelong self-learners, people of goodwill, and community-minded citizens.

Among hundreds of thousands of occupations, I am glad to have chosen to be a teacher of the country’s future generations, who are strong and have a deep soul. For teachers, living with their profession is the best dedication to this life.

On behalf of Pathway School, I warmly welcome the teachers who give us a hand in building a happy school for our future generations.

Tran Viet Quan
Founder and Advisor of Pathway School