On April 26, 2022, the Pathway Tuệ Đức school system officially launched its new branch – the outstanding Eco Green – Signature Version, located at 107 Nguyễn Văn Linh, Tân Thuận Tây Ward, District 7.

As the 20th branch to be introduced, Eco Green – Signature Version marks an important breakthrough in the transformation journey of Pathway Tuệ Đức as it enters its 8th year since its establishment.

This remarkable version is conceived with the aspirations and vision of Pathway Tuệ Đức, with relentless efforts to continuously improve education on the path of character education spreading widely, along with the efforts to sow happiness for the younger generation.

The learning journey at Eco Green – Signature Version consists of 6 years in preschool and 5 years in elementary school, nurturing the soul, fostering knowledge, enhancing life skills, and preparing students confidently for their future.

In the elementary level, Eco Green campuses applies Constructivist learning theory and implements subjects according to the STEM approach to empower students’ active learning spirit and facilitate their knowledge absorption.

In addition to improving students’ English communication skills with foreign teachers, Pathway School’s elementary campuses concentrate on developing 7 skill subjects, suitable for each age group, with the aim of physical training and nurturing students’ inner strength. These subjects include Martial Arts, Swimming, Survival, Military Training, Art, Music, and Social-Emotional learning (Tue Duc Harmony) – a subject that has been standardized from the Sanford Harmony program of the United States.

Eco Green strives to create a scientific and modern learning space, giving students the opportunity to experience an environment that encourages confidence, enthusiasm for learning, and nurtures Morality – Wisdom – Willpower.

In terms of facilities, Eco Green – Signature Version is fully invested in functional and high-quality teaching equipment, ensuring safety according to Japanese standards. It also includes modern functional rooms such as Martial Arts, Music, Art, Montessori classroom, library, etc., to maximize the learning and development needs of students.

Regarding learning space, Eco Green focuses on building spacious and nature-friendly play areas equipped with a modern swimming pool and a large playground to meet students’ physical activity needs after school hours. In particular, the Sasuke playground, built meticulously according to the military training model, is designed to help children develop their physical abilities and foster willpower.


The facilities are fully equipped, modern, and harmoniously designed according to Japanese quality standards. They include standardized functional rooms such as Martial Arts, Music, Art, Montessori classrooms, library, etc., to maximize the learning and development needs of the students.


Eco Green – Signature Version inherits the unique education method developed and completed by Pathway School, expressing the three-root philosophy of Morality – Wisdom – Willpower, integrated into all lessons and activities to educate students on personality.


Like many other Pathway School campuses, the teachers of Eco Green have expertise in their professions, extensive teaching experiences, enthusiasm, a high awareness of forging themselves before others, and an understanding of children’s psychology.